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Red Cosmetic Bag With Trays Inside

Red cosmetic bag with trays inside

Quick Detail:

1,Material: This beauty bag made from Fabric

2,4trays inside. Large space of the case.

3,Hand-made stitching,handle with two locks.

4,Size: L400 x W210 x H225mm

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Product Description

Red cosmetic bag with trays inside

This red cosmetic case case made from fabric.

4 trays inside, Large space of the case.

Hand-made stitching.  handle with two latches.

Nameplate logo.

Four rubber pads under case to avoid scratches.

Looking for a small flexible and portable bag with a lot of space inside to keep your cosmetics more organized and arranged? Here is the new Red Cosmetic Bag with Trays inside from MSAC Case with strong but soft and flexible fabric body walls. The Bag has lots of compartments inside divided by mechanical trays that retract outside, giving you more space towards work. The design of the internal trays is much more flexible than it looks, more durable and the mechanical panels are also designed to last longer than usual which are made from pure furnished and polished aluminum metal. Aside, it comes with the same level of safety as other cases.


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