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Double Opened Light Weight Aluminum Black Twin Case

Quick details:

1, Design: MS-Alu1715

2, Size 530x310x260mm

3, Color: Black

4, Material: 5mm plywood with 0.3mm painted aluminum panel

5, Comfortable handle with combination lock for security

6, Fill out with egg foam, all case lid with 2mm EVA lining

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Product Description

Double opened light weight aluminum black twin case is made from 5mm thickness plywood and 0.3mm painted aluminum panel. It is have reinforce corner and very good quality combination locks for security.

The twin case with very comfortable  carrying handle for carry, piano hinges on both top and bottom section to make aluminum case double opened easily. The stable support system to make case open easily.

The aluminum cases with all 2mm thickness foam on lid, egg foam and document pocket on top and flat foam on bottom section. The case is very light to travel and transport, you can carry to where  you want. The most important that aluminum twin case will protect item well.

Aluminum case is light weight for carry, most people like MSAC brand new aluminum case for storage, transport or display their products. The good quality aluminum storage case is very poplar in Europe and North American. The most customer like to work with MSAC CO., LTD for their OEM service. Welcome to MSAC for aluminum cases business!


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