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Black Aluminum Frame Cosmetic Train Case

Black Aluminum Frame Cosmetic Train Case

Quick Details:

1,Material: 4MM MDF with PU leather panel.

2,Black lining inside, four tray boxes in case.

3,Electroplate black  aluminum frame and silver corner, Handle with two locks.

4,Size: L260 x W220 x H240mm

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Product Description

Black aluminum frame cosmetic train case is made from black aluminum frame with pu leather material.It has two locks and one handle for carry system.

This cosmetic train case with four trays inside for storage items, it has much space for carrying your items. Inside lining is easy for clearly, so you don’t need to worry clean them.

Aluminum frame cosmetic train case is light weight, everybody can carry it even if a little girl, It have good quality to show your customer or end user.

Looking for the best elegant and stylish cosmetic train case for your next job to shine? MSAC Case brings the new Black Aluminum Frame Cosmetic Train Case for you to make sure you don’t lose out on anything, not even on space on a compact size. It comes with a grey aluminum finished outer look that only shines and steers away shocks like anything with its fine casted metal side edges rims. The case brings sturdy mechanical interior trays with a double side opening cover lid. The Frame Cosmetic Train case is one of the best cases for keeping cosmetic items without even thinking for safety.


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