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Aluminum Professional Aluminum Beauty Case With Size 360*225*265mm

Quick Details:

1, Design No.: BTY-MS1804

2, Size: 365*225*265mm

3, Color: Multi color

4, Material: ABS with anodize aluminum frame

5, MOQ: 200pcs

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Product Description

Aluminum Professional Aluminum Beauty Case With Size 360*225*265mm

The Aluminum professional middle size aluminum beauty case is made from anodize aluminum frame in multi color, It is looks very professional and beauty as it is made from ABS panel.

Double opened aluminum beauty case with four plastic trays inside case, It is wide usage for carry and storage cosmetic and beauty items.

Aluminum beauty case  is wide use in the beauty industrial and cosmetic company. Whatever sell cosmetic products or use for storage, aluminum beauty case is very popular in young women. Most young women has one aluminum cosmetic case for their personal usage.

MSAC CO., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of aluminum beauty case, MSAC brand has good reputation in EU and North American market. This is no defective products from MSAC. We control quality very strict, that is why most customer choose us as stable supplier in their supply chain.


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