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Aluminum Pink Beauty Case With Tray Box Inside

Quick details:

1, Design: MS-BTY1701

2, Size:315x210x225mm

3, Color: Pink

4, Aluminum frame with ABS

5, Inside case with 4 tray box for storage

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Product Description

Aluminum pink beauty case is made from pink ABS and aluminum frame, it is light weight for carry and very durable when transport. it has one comfortable lock and two locks for security.

The aluminum pink beauty case has cheap ABS surface, so everyone could buy it as storage cosmetic items. It has beautiful  reinforce corner and rubber feet on bottom case to make it very strong.

Inside beauty case there are for trays box for storage, it is have much space for carry small belongs, Also the big room can be storage big belongs such as brushes, compacts, earrings ect. However, more and more girls like this design aluminum beauty case with their makeup class. It is getting more and more poplar between girls and professional makeup artist. As it not to big so everyone can be carry out easy.

Some customer or consumers called it as cosmetic case, Right, you can call it aluminum cosmetic case as you like, also cosmetic train case is acceptable. Whatever you call this design beauty case, it really helpful for storage belongs. There are so similar size , design, or color on eBay,Amazon, However, MSAC CO., LTD as aluminum beauty case supplier, we supply brand new aluminum cosmetic train case world wide . Look at our website for more design and style.


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