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Aluminum Laptop Case
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Aluminum Alloy Laptop Case MSAC Brand For Sale

Aluminum Alloy Laptop Case MSAC Brand New For Sale

1,Material: 1.0mm thickness aluminum alloy panel

2,Aluminum moulding

3,Metal lock with handle, shoulder strap easy for carry.

4,Custom made inside lining

5, Color: Silver, accept OEM color

6,Size as below

ATC-MS16C11-S 300x250x88/(115/155)mm

ATC-MS16C11-MS 370x270x88/(115/155)mm

ATC-MS16C11-M 410x300x88/(115/155)mm

ATC-MS16C11-XL 460x350x155/(88/115)mm

ATC-MS16C11-XXL 550x400x200/(225/255)mm

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Product Description

Although the market is inundated with laptop bags and cases made of different materials, colors, and sizes, an aluminum laptop case is a study in contrast. These laptop cases give off an air of sophistication, class, and style that is hard to beat. If you want to set yourself apart from your peers, or even from your competition, then all you need to do is buy the professional Aluminum Cases and world-class aluminum laptop case from MSAC. You won’t be disappointed!

Advantages of aluminum laptop cases

With so many different varieties of laptop carriers out there, you must be wondering what makes aluminum laptop cases different? Here are the reasons MSAC laptop cases are a class apart:

• They are more glamorous and elegant than laptop bags
• They are more sturdy and strong and last longer
• They look fantastically new even after years of usage, unlike laptop bags that can look frayed or old
• They are easier to clean and maintain
• They offer more protection for your laptop than bags
• They have a custom made lining that offers double protection for your laptop bag
• They are waterproof and weatherproof, making it even more secure and protected for your laptop
• You can also store important documents inside the laptop case and be sure that they will remain waterproof
• They have a metal lock, which means they are tamper-proof, unlike laptop bags
• They have a metal handle and shoulder strap, which makes it easier and more comfortable to carry around, even for an entire day
• They are available in a wide variety of colors that will suit almost any taste
• They are available in different sizes so you can find the right one for your laptop for sure
• They are lightweight so do not add extra weight to carry around


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