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Aluminum Alloy Briefcase With Size 410x300x88mm

Aluminum Alloy Briefcase With Size 410x300x88mm

1,Material: 1.0mm thickness aluminum alloy panel

2,Aluminum moulding

3,Metal lock with handle, shoulder strap easy for carry.

4,Custom made inside lining

5, Color: Silver, accept OEM color

6,Size as below

ATC-MS16C12-S 370x270x88mm

ATC-MS16C12-M 410x300x88mm

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Product Description

Aluminum Alloy Briefcase With Size 410x300x88mm


This aluminum alloy briefcase is made from 1.0 mm thickness aluminum panel, it is totaly made from mould.

Attache case with zinc metal lock and hande for carry. Four ruber handle on bottom case.

Inside case is custom made document pocket and pen holders for storage documents.

Aluminum alloy case is totaly light weight and durable, you don’t need to worry about transport problems.

Looking for an ideal briefcase that also resembles a premium attache and looks more than professional to land on your hand? Here is the new Aluminum Alloy briefcase with size 410X300X88mm with an intense slim design that can fit into any thin place or corner without being seen. Don’t go by the thin design of the case to be manufactured with slim aluminum panels, the case is molded with industrial-grade aluminum to withstand a lot of extreme conditions including drops and throws. Aside, the outer body walls are stronger than they appear with a single handle, double precision locks and a lot of space inside for your documents.



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