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Acrylic Aluminum Small Case with Emty Inside Orange New Color 260*170*150mm

Quick details:

1, Item no.MS-ALU1703

2, Size:270x170x150mm

3, Color: Orange

4, Material: 1.8 thickness acrylic panel.

5, Sliver aluminum edges and corner, Handle with one lock

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Product Description

Acrylic aluminum small case was made from1.8mm acrylic panel.

Empty inisde for carry more tools, one metal lock with handle.

Silver aluminum edges and corner.

Transpartment case with resh color to show.

Large space of this small aluminum case for more storage for tools.

Aluminum case is light weight for carry, most people like MSAC brand new aluminum case for storage, transport or display their products. The good quality aluminum storage case is very poplar in Europe and North American. The most customer like to work with MSAC CO., LTD for their OEM service. Welcome to MSAC for aluminum cases business!


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