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ABS Aluminum briefcase with silver color size 460x330x150mm

ABS aluminum briefcase with silver color size 460x330x150mm

Short Description:

1, Design: ATC-MS1801

2, Material: ABS with aluminum frame

3, Size: 460*330*150mm

4, Handle with metal lock

5, Inside top with pocket, bottom empty

6, Easy for carry, fast delivery,reasonable price.good quality

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Product Description

ABS aluminum briefcase with silver color size 460x330x150mm

The design ABS aluminum briefcase silver color was made from MDF and ABS material, it has perfect outlooking from water cube ABS material, it is modern style and unique design for business people.

Aluminum briefcase has strong structure with aluminum frame, round corner design make briefcase perfect looking. The metal lock o front case with keys make safety of this design, It is personal briefcase with metal lock and keys. Comfortable handle for carry, both 4 rubber feet on back side and bottom side, No dents and scratches  when you stand case on floor or desk.

Inside silver briefcase top with pocket for carrying docs ,pens or books.bottom side empty for MAC or other brand computers, Enough room for carrying other things you like, A good choice for business men carry out for travel.

ABS briefcase has cheaper price than other material briefcase, but it has strong structure for carrying, it is not expensive for business men.  Welcome to call MSAC for more business.


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